Basic info
  1. Director: Kamal Amrohi
  2. Alternative Titles: Pure One; Pure Heart; The Pure
  3. Country: India; Year: 1971; Language: Hindi; Runtime: 175 min; Color: Color; Sound: Mono
  4. Studio: Mahal Pictures
  5. Producer: Kamal Amrohi; Writer: Kamal Amrohi; Cinematographer: Josef Wirsching; Editor: D.N. Pai; Composer: Ghulam Mohammed, Naushad; Lyricist: Kamal Amrohi, Kaif Bhopali, Majrooh Sultanpuri, Kaifi Azmi
  6. Cast: Ashok Kumar, Meena Kumari, Raaj Kumar, Veena, D.K. Sapru, Kamal Kapoor
The central theme of the film is the struggle for respectability of a tawai’if, an Indo-Islamic courtesan trained in poetry, music, and dance—a glamorous “public woman” whose career was to be an elegant companion (and potential lover) to affluent men, but for whom a “respectable” marriage and home was out of the question. (University of Iowa)
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Where to watch/buy?
  1. Watch on YouTube with English subtitles
  2. Buy DVD at Amazon