Basic info
  1. Director: Anand Gandhi
  2. Country: India; Year: 2012; Language: English, Arabic, Swedish, Hindi; Runtime: 140 min; Color: Color
  3. Studio: Recyclewala Films
  4. Producer: Ruchi Bhimani, Anand Gandhi, Mitesh Shah, Mukesh Shah, Sohum Shah, Hugo Weaving; Writer: Anand Gandhi, Khushboo Ranka, Pankaj Kumar; Cinematographer: Pankaj Kumar; Editor: Sanyukta Kaza, Adesh Prasad, Satchit Puranik; Composer: Naren Chandavarkar, Benedict Taylor
  5. Cast: Aida Elkashef, Neeraj Kabi, Sohum Shah
If the parts of a ship are replaced, bit-by-bit, is it still the same ship? A celebrated experimental photographer, an intellectual monk and a young stockbroker manifest the philosophical dilemma in their personal lives and their narratives converge to reveal an even larger fabric of connections. (Indian Cinema)
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